Sunday, March 25, 2012

3 years

What do we ask for when we ask for nothing?
I find it so hard to describe all things you make of me
Show some faith, I want to beg, to scream, to plead
Trust in me, like I trust in you
Sincerely dear, do I trust in you

Ask me a thousand times and you will always be given the same answer
Run for a thousand years and I will be right here
See a thousand girls and I will still feel the same
There is no changing this

I will beg you to leave
You deserve better, you deserve happiness
I am constant concern
I am not the person who will bring you unconditional joy
I will not be there every moment of the day
I will not drop everything

But I will be here
for a thousand years I will remain right where I am
I will not leave
and when you ask me if I care I will say only for your happiness
That doesn't mean it wont hurt me
That doesn't mean I wont feel betrayed or abandoned

It means I understand, I have faith, and I trust in you.

Somehow this feels like normal
I will always be more loyal, trusting, and faithful than those I meet
But I hope one day this feels more like home than normal

I want to say I will drop everything for you
But I wont, I don't want to
I like you, that doesn't mean you're the only thing in my life

Don't act like you're better than me
Love isn't dropping everything to be with someone
Love is trusting someone and being loyal to someone
no matter how far you go, or what dreams you follow
And liking someone, being crazy about someone
is not ever holding them back or having expectations

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